An A to Z Home Handbook

                 Alan V. Schmukler

About the book:

Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook is now available in : English, French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese. 

Millions of people are suffering needlessly because they don’t know about homeopathy, don’t believe in it, or it isn’t covered by their health insurance. This book is meant to help remedy that.

Why should you have this book?  Homeopathy An A to Z  Home Handbook is the most comprehensive book on acute homeopathy ever written for the lay person. It takes the reader from basic theory and practice to using remedies for both common and life threatening health problems. It covers subjects ranging from colds and injuries to arthritis pain, antibiotic resistant infections, side effects from vaccinations, chemotherapy, food poisoning, killer influenzas, Anthrax and heavy metal poisoning. You’ll also find heart attack, stroke, dental problems, drug overdose and much more.

This book is concise, clear and easy to use. The book describes over 180 medical conditions which are listed alphabetically. The conditions are described in plain English, without medical jargon and distilled into a single paragraph. This book tells you how to find the correct remedy, even when you don’t know the name of the ailment. Whether your occupation is nursing, baking, tailoring, carpentry, farming or firefighting, you’ll find remedies for yourself. About forty occupations and activities are listed with remedies for the occupational hazards.
Every epidemic disease that has plagued mankind such as Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Cholera, Typhoid, Typhus, and Yellow Fever is listed along with remedies to both prevent and address the problem. If you’ve recently been bitten by a Lyme tick, you’ll find remedies to prevent the disease from taking hold.

The chapter on pregnancy and birth ranges from morning sickness and breast abscess to difficult labor, retained placenta, postpartum hemorrhage, newborn asphyxia and postpartum depression. Did you know there are homeopathic remedies for breach presentation, which can induce the baby to turn around? Homeopathy is one of the few safe options when you get sick during pregnancy.

Emotional states are given their due with remedies for grief, rage, depression, fears (panic attacks, fear of disease, darkness, airplanes, bridges, small spaces etc.). Even acute psychoses are covered. In a crisis such remedies are invaluable. They work quickly and without the drugging effects associated with pharmaceuticals. 

Nobody wants to be in pain. The pain of various ailments, such as gallstone pain, stomach ulcers and neuralgia, is addressed throughout the book. There is also a heading “Pain”, devoted to different kinds of pain, including radiating, throbbing, wandering and “unbearable pain”. Other listings have remedies for pains after surgery and amputations.

If you have been made sick by a drug, pesticide or other chemical, a remedy made from that substance, can often clear it out of your body. This book tells you how to make a remedy from scratch, for just those circumstances. If you are running low on a remedy during an emergency, this book explains how to extend the supply you have.
This book gives specific remedies for the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver. In major illnesses, one of those organs is usually affected.

Ever wonder who uses homeopathy around the world and how it got started? You’ll find that too. Why isn’t homeopathy more well known in the United States. That question is answered also.

One wouldn't ordinarily suggest that lay people deal with diseases like Anthrax and Cholera, but these aren't ordinary times. In the next decade the medical system could be overwhelmed by epidemics of antibiotic resistant infections, natural disasters (due to global warming), outbreaks of exotic diseases, killer flus, bio or nuclear terrorism, power failures, or mass illness arising from genetically engineered food (now that the species barrier has been violated). Having worked at a major urban hospital I saw how the system can be overloaded just by a busy Saturday night. In such circumstances this book will be very empowering.

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