About the Author

Alan V. Schmukler is currently Chief Editor of Homeopathy 4 Everyone at Hpathy.com, the world's most widely read homeopathy website and e-journal respectively. He also writes a column called Tips & Secrets, produces homeopathy crossword puzzles and has created many homeopathy cartoons (see "useful links").    

Alan taught homeopathy at Temple University and has been writing, lecturing and consulting on the subject for the last twenty five years. He founded the Homeopathic Study Group of Metropolitan Philadelphia and was Editor of the newsletter, Homeopathy News and Views. He is a Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa and President's Scholar graduate from Temple University. 

Alan learned homeopathy and other cutting edge healing techniques from Dr. Luelle Hamilton, Dr. Robin Murphy, Dr. Henry Williams, Beth Rotondo, Dr. Lance Wright, Dr. Bernie Havilland, Dr. Richard Moscowitz and many other esteemed homeopaths.

Earlier in his life, Alan spent  three years working at Einstein Hospital doing respiratory therapy. From that experience he was moved  to explore other avenues of healing.  Alan  has been helping adults, children and animals for many years.