Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook
                                                           Alan V. Schmukler
         The most comprehensive book on acute homeopathy ever written for the lay person.

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"A survival kit of vital information".


This unique book on a holistic, alternative healing method can be purchased at these links:

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Beth Rotondo, 4th Generation Homeopath and mother of five.

"Valuable to the novice as well as the experienced Homeopath. The best overview of Homeopathy I have seen."

Dr Bonnie Bennett - Physician, Surgeon, Osteopath, Homeopath

"Honest, ego-free medical guidance. His advice is sound. The thoughtful reader would do well to follow it!"

Lucille Balukian - President, Citizens' Alliance for Progressive Health Awareness (CAPHA) Editor, Progressive Health

"A survival kit of vital information. With this work homeopathy has indeed become medicine for the people's liberation."

Homeopathy Today - Journal of of National Center of Homeopathy -reviewer -Teresa Kramer
    Alan's book is a perfect companion to the NCH's First Response Homeopathy in Epidemics and Emergencies course: a ton of information... Heaven forbid we should find ourselves responding to a life threatening event, but if we did, this book would be a godsend! Having his book already dog-eared and visibly well-loved, certainly makes me feel empowered.

Homeopathy An An to Z Home Handbook  is now also available in :

English, French, Greek, Polish, German and Portuguese 

L’Homeopathie De A a Z  (French

OMOIOΠAθΗΤIKH (Homeopathy for Health and Well Being -Greek )

Homeopatia –Pordnik domowy od A do Z  (Polish ) 

Homoopathic A-Z fur den Hausgebrauch  (Random House-German)

Homeopatia De A a Z

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